Vestibular Series

Mark Knoblauch has himself suffered from multiple vestibular disorders, and he knows the misery that they can bring along with the uncertainty of attacks and lack of understanding from friends and family.  Driven by what he felt was a lack of quality information for patients, he set out to use his experience in research and scientific writing to develop informative yet practical guides for patients who suffer from vestibular disorders.  In writing each of his vestibular patient guides, his aim has been to summarize the latest research in a way that every patient can understand and use.  Each of his vestibular books starts out with an overview of the vestibular system to help the reader identify those structures relevant to each condition.  Next, he outlines information specific to the vestibular condition of interest such as the population affected (e.g. age, gender, etc.), associated symptoms, and the suspected causes for each condition.  Then, dedicated chapters outline each vestibular condition’s diagnostic criteria, treatment, and patient quality of life.  In order to provide the most relevant information, all of Mark’s books are heavily cited with 100 or more references in order to allow the reader to obtain additional information if desired.

If you or someone you know suffer from a vestibular disorder, Mark’s books are for you.  Click on any of the books below to learn more about the content of each book, along with a link to where you can find each book.  And whereas he is working on more books, stay tuned for future updates to his vestibular collection.