Vestibular Disorders

Drawing from Mark’s background as a scientist, his series of books on vestibular disorders provides the reader with a detailed overview of the symptoms and causes, including the involved anatomy as well as the most recent research, along with a comprehensive look into how his adopted lifestyle change is thought to improve the symptoms of vestibular disorders. Each book tackles a different vestibular issue.


This book is a must read!

This book is well-written and informative!! Dr. Knoblauch provides many insightful tips on managing Meniere’s symptoms to improve everyday life. Specifically, detailed dietary guidelines and physical activity recommendations are discussed. The section of the book that was most helpful was the detail about how he reduces sodium. The anatomy chapter was also helpful. If you suffer from Meniere’s or know of someone that suffers from… Read more “This book is a must read!”


Knoblauch accomplishes his goal and then some

For those who, like me, suffer from Meniere’s, Knoblauch’s contribution to the unfortunately smallish library of books related to this horrible disease is worth a look, not only for its wealth of new information (our understanding of Meniere’s is growing, thank God) but also for his personal anecdotes, which progress from depressing to inspirational. Like anybody who’s experienced the joys of rotational vertigo, Knoblauch went… Read more “Knoblauch accomplishes his goal and then some”

Joe Zavala

This book can change the quality of a Meniere’s sufferer’s life

What a great and easy read. Loved all the ideas for reducing sodium in the diet. The simple life style changes in this book can change the quality of a Meniere’s sufferer’s life.


Knowledge is power. This book certainly provides that knowledge

Very informative and written at a level that everyone can understand. While the book does give you the essential medical facts it’s not so technical as to be difficult to understand. Dr. Knoblauch’s personal story of battling Meniere’s is empowering to those who struggle with its effects. I would certainly recommend this book to anyone that has Meniere’s or knows someone with Meniere’s. As with… Read more “Knowledge is power. This book certainly provides that knowledge”

V Penn

Dr. Knoblauch did a wonderful job

This book is so useful! Chapter 3 really helped me understand how badly the symptoms can impact someone’s life. Dr. Knoblauch did a wonderful job being honest and candid about his struggles. His sodium solutions in Chapter 6 are very practical and realistic. He makes it feasible to follow a low-sodium plan. If you have anyone in your life that has Meniere’s you must read… Read more “Dr. Knoblauch did a wonderful job”