For those who, like me, suffer from Meniere’s, Knoblauch’s contribution to the unfortunately smallish library of books related to this horrible disease is worth a look, not only for its wealth of new information (our understanding of Meniere’s is growing, thank God) but also for his personal anecdotes, which progress from depressing to inspirational. Like anybody who’s experienced the joys of rotational vertigo, Knoblauch went through a period of depression. Unlike many Meniere’s sufferers, however, he attacked the disease by arming himself with the known facts, which he shares here, stripping caffeine and quite a bit of sodium out of his diet and, after some trial and error, emerged on the other side a healthier man. His long road back includes a half-marathon, a marathon and finally an iron man triathlon.

“If you are living with Meniere’s, this book was written to give you hope that a solution may exist for you the same way it did for me,” he writes in his conclusion. For those of us living with Meniere’s who have experienced similar results from employing many of Knoblauch’s strategies (I said bye bye to sodium last year) and are looking to take the next step in their recovery, Knoblauch accomplishes his goal and then some.